Dept. of Social Services Employee – John Hess – Valuable Resource for MoChip and Missouri Citizens

In addition to his work as a Supervisor for the Dept. of Social Services, Family Support Division, John Hess gives back to Missouri citizens by working with the Missouri Chid Identification Program (MoChip).

Mr. Hess was part of the founding of the program in 2005 which is a free service to the families of Missouri providing child identification which includes digital fingerprints, digital photographs and emergency information that will allow local law enforcement to help find lost or abducted children.

Since its inception in 2005 MoChip has identified over 136,000 children in the State of Missouri. The foundation has been recognized twice by the Governor and is part of the Grand Lodge of Freemasons of the State of Missouri, where Mr. Hess serves as it’s Grand Master.

More information about MoChip can be obtained at