About Spotlight!

Missouri state employees provide a variety of important services for Missouri citizens each day. In addition to their contributions in the workplace, many employees volunteer at local community projects and charitable organizations, help in time of disaster, serve in the armed forces, mentor people of all ages, serve as positive examples of dedication and professionalism to others, find ways to improve work processes within their agencies—and improve themselves and their value to state government by continuing their own education and professional development.

It is a long held belief that even the simplest acknowledgement of a job well done can have a profound impact on an employee’s motivation and productivity. Employees who are acknowledged for their contribution feel a sense of pride, receive a boost in their self-esteem—and in turn, become more confident and productive. That’s good for Missouri citizens—and it’s good for  business!

To provide a way to acknowledge and recognize the diverse accomplishments of state employees, the Center for Management and Professional Development (the Center) within the Office of Administration’s Division of Personnel is proud to support and maintain In the Spotlight!

In the Spotlight! will let Missouri citizens, government leaders, other state agencies and employees learn more about state employee accomplishments—at work and in local Missouri communities. As a result, people in all walks of life can learn about the outstanding state employees who work hard conducting the state’s business each day.